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“Rich is about love, elegance, beauty, passion, fashion, mystery, glamour, emotion and art. All these elements are building blocks for creating timeless images. Images that capture the essence of the moment through movement, energy and feeling



Sharon Martin

Sharon Martin is a singer and songwriter in Glasgow, she is so fab you must check her out at  http://sharonmartinmusic.com/ Her band Flesh even have an album released called Sick Electricity on itunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sick-electricity/id403360351 We invited her along to the new studio to have some publicity shots taken, here are a series of her best shots.






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Zoe and Andrew Haining

Zoe and Andy were married at the Cathedral in Glasgow http://cathedralg1.weebly.com/index.html  it was very impressive inside, usually in large churches the lighting is very low, but here it flooded over the couple as they were getting married and the overall feeling was dreamy, afterwards they had a few shots taken in the beautiful mirrored gardens. The couple held their reception at the West Brewery http://www.westbeer.com/Venue_hire.html not too far from the church and the guests were delivered in style on a big white double decker bus. The couple looked like they had fun the whole day and danced into the night. Here is one of our favourites.


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Gayle and Geoff Pre wedding shoot

Gayle and Geoff have decided to get married at 29 in Royal Exchange Square Glasgow http://www.29glasgow.com/weddings.html so we went over to have a look and do the pre wedding shoot. It's going to be a bit different to usual wedding venues. We have the use of a few different areas within 29 on the day and the couple want lots of lovely shots around the busy City Centre. It's not holy or stately, instead it has a plush array of decor inside and outside we have the contrast of the massive Goma building and old Borders store, the buildings are so beautiful, a great choice if you want ot achieve something different from your images. Here is one of our favourites from the pre wedding shoot. 


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Marie Louise and Matt MacLeod

Marie Louise and Matt were married on the 6th August. They held their reception at the Dalmeney Park http://www.dalmenypark.com/ where we managed to capture some amazing shots of the couple all around the grounds. Each time we go back there seems so be an area we have still to uncover. Here is one of our favourite shots of the day.


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Alison and WIlliam Marshall

Alison and William had two parts to their wedding. Firstly they enjoyed a fantastic holiday in florida where they officially tied the knot, and when they returned they had a party at the Crowwood Hotel in Cumbernauld for all their family to enjoy part two of their wedding. http://www.crowwoodhotel.co.uk/Weddings/ We were asked along to capture lots of family shots, couple photography and then we watched them dance into the night. Here is one of our favourites from the grounds of the Crowwood.


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Kim and Rob Carr

Kim and Rob were married on the 27th June at Cameron House. Their wedding was best described as the party of the century, in our eyes. I don't think we had ever seen so many people all invited to enjoy the same occasion at the same time. The best part of the day from a photography point of view was the dancing. They had so many amazing traditional moves, we were blown away. Here is a shot from a more romantic section of the day. Kim and Rob at the loch side.Kim_and_Rob_27June2011_0330

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Zoe and Andrew Pre wedding shoot

Zoe and Andrew are getting married on the 23rd July at Glasgow Cathedral on the Broomielaw http://cathedralg1.weebly.com/index.html and then onto the West Brewery http://www.westbeer.com/Venue_hire.html for their reception. The couple now stay in Isla so their pre wedding shoot was planned three days before their wedding. Now they are back home hopefully they can unwind before the excitement of their wedding day. Here is one of my favourites from their shoot.


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Susan and David Wales

Susan and David celebrated their wedding on the 16th July 2011 at Dalmeney Park Country House Hotel http://www.dalmenypark.com/ It was an amazing day. The sun split the trees and the couple were fantastic at posing for their photographs on the beautiful grounds at Dalmeney. Here is one of our favourites from the day. aSusan_and_David_Wales_2011071616Jul2011_0199
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Gillian and Gordon Pre wedding shoot

Gillian and Gordon are getting married in October at Crieff Hydro. http://www.crieffhydro.com/weddings.aspx We went over on a sunny Sunday to get some pre wedding shots of them both and took a walk around the lovely grounds. The gardens at Crieff Hydro are so vibrant at this time of year and the newly revamped interior is a big hit as well. Here is a casual shot of the couple in the gradens shot through the foliage. Gillain_and_Gordon_Pre_wedding_shoot_03Jul2011_0160
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Angela and Neil Wedding

When you plan out your wedding day taking into consideration you picture locations you can achieve results like Angie and Neil. The couple planned their day meticulously and they had fun from start to finish. They were married at Glasgow Uni Chaple, http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/chaplaincy/weddingscivilpartnerships/weddingsintheuniversitychapel/ had a champagne reception on the grounds of the University underneath the beautiful Cloisters, they then sent their guests off on buses to Lodge on Loch Lomond, http://www.loch-lomond.co.uk/weddings.aspx while they had a romantic drive together to the venue in a stunning beauford car. Later that evening the couple took a stroll along the waterfront to capture some more stunning shots. In the evening they invited their guests onto the dancefloor for some traditional Orkney dancing and finished off with a traditional Cog (potent drink passed to all the guests).





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Karen and Donnie MacKinnon

Karen and Donnie were married on the 3rd June at Downvale Church in the west end of Glasgow. It turned out to be the best weather we have seen all year. They followed up their ceremony with the reception at Dalmeney Park Hotel http://www.dalmenypark.com/ in Barrhead, we captured some beautiful shots of the couple on the grounds of the hotel. This is one of our favourites.


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Susan and David

Susan and David are all set to be married on the 16th of July 2011, we arranged a pre wedding shoot over at their wedding location Dalmenay park http://www.dalmenypark.com/ to have a practice run through before the big day. The couple looked great in the shots and Susan even wore her crystal tiara for her wedding. Here is one of our favourite shots from the afternoon.


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