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“Rich is about love, elegance, beauty, passion, fashion, mystery, glamour, emotion and art. All these elements are building blocks for creating timeless images. Images that capture the essence of the moment through movement, energy and feeling



Louise and Mark Morrison

Louise and Mark held their reception at the Arches in Glasgow http://www.thearches.co.uk/corporate-hire. Perhaps a little bit of an edgy venue for most, but they definately modelled it well. The grungy low lit venue was a chance to use creative flash throughout the day and the images we brought back reflect the couple and their requirements. We already labelled them our vintage couple, but here are two of our favourites, the first image we thought was very mysterious and vintage looking and the other the couple are rather sexily posed on top of the bar. Louise_and_Mark_Morrison_15Oct2011_0819
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Clare and Matt Curry

Clare and Matt were married on the 23rd of September at St Bridgets in Toryglen and then held their reception at the Peoples Palace, Glasgow Green. http://www.peoplespalaceweddings.co.uk/ The couple had been looking forward to the day and everything went to plan. We took some amazing shots at the venues, here is our favourite.


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Handsome Boys

Mathew age 4, Ben and Nathan age 8, and big brother Daniel age 11 all came to the studio for a family portrait. In my opinion they are one handsome family. One day they will all grow up to be heart breakers.





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Lisa and Jose Carlos Wedding

Lisa and JC were married on the 10th of September at Blythswood Square Hotel http://www.townhousecompany.com/blythswoodsquare/weddings/index.aspx and then they held their evening reception at Pollokshaws Hall. http://www.pollokshawsburghhall.co.uk/ The day was fabulous with little reminders all the way of JC's Cuban roots. The couple had amazing cuban style cars and salsa dancing in the evening, the couple met at a salsa class so this was very fitting. Here are our favourite shots from the day.



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Louise and Mark Pre wedding shoot

Louise and Mark are getting married on the 15th of October at St Patricks in Anderson http://www.stpatsanderston.org.uk/ and then onto The Arches http://www.thearches.co.uk/corporate-hire for their evening reception. Their venue is not a typical place to hold a wedding, but they saw the buildings potential from its mysterious appearence and decided it was for them. Here are a few of our favourites from their pre wedding shoot at Kelvingrove park.




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Gayle and Geoff McCullough

Gayle and Geoff were married on the 2nd of September at 29 Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow http://www.29glasgow.com/weddings.html
They held the whole day at the venue and used the surrounding streets for couple photography. Here are a couple of our favourites.


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Lynn and James Blyth

Lynn and James were married on the 26th August at Airdrie registrary office. It was a small affair, only their immediate family attended and their two beautiful daughters. They have decided to hold an evening reception in October where they will have a massive party for their family and friends.


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Helen and Ernest

Helen and Ernest have been together for over thirty years. Then one day they decided to get married.... Here is a couple of our favourite shots of the couple at Park Circus http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/Residents/BirthDeathMarriage_Citizenship/Marriage/CivilWeddingsatParkCircus/ then Kelvingrove Park. Helen_and_Earnest_01Sep2011_0103Helen_and_Earnest_01Sep2011_0223
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Sarah and Gary Gallacher

Sarah and Gary were married on the 27th August 2011, they held their reception on the grounds of Sarah's family home and had their photographs taken there also. You wouldn't believe the different dynamics of the land, there was a small lake with a summer house and a stone ruin. They even had some shots taken at their caravan "Dolores" they use her every year for T in the Park. We managed to capture some beautiful shots of the couple, here are our favourites.




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Lisa and Jose

Lisa and Jose are getting married on the 10th of September at Blythswood Square Hotel and then holding their reception at Pollokshields Burgh Hall. They met through their love for salsa dancing, so I'm sure we will capture some amazing shots of the couple on the dance floor on their wedding day. Here is a couple of shots from their pre wedding shoot, one of the couple and another with Lisa's beautiful wee girl Toni. 



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Claire and Matt Pre Wedding Shoot

Clare and Matt are getting married on the 23rd of September. They are holding there wedding reception at the Peoples Palace http://www.peoplespalaceweddings.co.uk/ in Glasgow. We went along to take some pre wedding shots as a practice run through on the grounds. Here is our favourite shot.


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Sarah and Gary Pre wedding shoot

Sarah and Gary are getting married on the 27th August. Their plans are to hold the reception on a beautiful family estate and have their shots taken around the grounds. It's so exciting and a really intimate idea. We managed to capture some amazing shots on the estate at their pre wedding shoot, in the pouring rain. The surrounding grounds are so immaculate and very fitting for a wedding, as we walked around the grounds we noticed this over grown area and I thought it would be amazing for a shot or two. This is my absolute favourite, the couple are standing between the long pink weeds. 


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