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“Rich is about love, elegance, beauty, passion, fashion, mystery, glamour, emotion and art. All these elements are building blocks for creating timeless images. Images that capture the essence of the moment through movement, energy and feeling



Eleanor and Jamie

I can desciribe Eleanor and Jamie as a really lively couple. Their personal life is filled with lots of fun and their wedding day reflected this too. They choose to have a really traditional ceremony at Baldernock church. http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/48360 Then onto Glenskirlie in Stirlingshire. http://www.glenskirliehouse.com/AttheHouse.aspx The 1st June was one of the best days of the year weather wise and the venues photographed amazingly in the lovley sunlight. Everytime I looked at Eleanor she was smiling from ear to ear. Here are some of our favourite shots of the couple.



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Lorna and Joe

Lorna and Joe were married on the 26th May at Colville Park Motherwell. Colville park is actually a golf course, so we were surrounded by beautiful greenery.  http://www.colvilleparkcountryclub.co.uk/site/Content/1/Weddings.asp They held their full day at the venue, once their ceremony was over we went a short walk through the grounds to have some beautiful shots taken beside the trees. The weather was stunning and the couple were really happy with the results. We have now started to put together a beautiful Album Epoca album from Italy for them to show off their Images.  Have a look at the album section on the site to see some of the samples.




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Lucy and Neil

Lucy and Neil were married on the 19th May 2012 at the beautiful Pollock House. http://www.pollokhouseweddings.co.uk/
Their ceremony and meal were cosy and intimate and the wedding speeches were so original, everyone at the top table had a little part to say. The couple enjoyed having their shots taken around the stunning gardens and we were so luck all day to have such amazing weather. They have just returned from their honeymoon in Marituis so here is a sneaky peak at a few of our favourites.




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Audrey and Anthony

Audrey and Anthony were married on the 18th May 2012 at a gorgeous setting in Drymen. The Buchanan Arms Hotel. http://www.buchananarms.co.uk/ It was an amazing day, and flew by so quickly. The couple enjoyed having their images taken around Balmaha area and the chemistry between them was very apparent in the pictures. Love is such a wonderful thing and a delight to be a part of. Here are a few of our favourite shots of the couple.

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Maxine and Craig Pre Wedding Shoot

Maxine and Craig are getting married on the 23 June this year and have most of their proparations ready. Their ceremony will be a traditional affair at the Cadzow Parish Church http://www.cadzowchurch.org.uk/ and then they have decided to hold the celebrations at the Avonbridge Hotel in Hamilton. http://www.avonbridge-hotel.com/ The couple did not want to be away from their guests for a long time on the wedding day, so we suggested taking them to nearby Smithy Croft area where there is a small lake and a lovely wooded area, ideal for wedding images. This will be a great contrast to the beautiful silver stone work of the church. Here are a few shots from their pre wedding shoot.


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Jackie and Stef Pre Wedding Shoot

Jackie and Stef have been together for 12 years, and have now decided to get married. They picked a beauitiful venue, the Malmaison Hotel in Glasgow and are having an intimate day with their closest family and friends. http://www.malmaison.com/hotels/glasgow/weddings-celebrations.aspx When deciding where to have their images taken on the wedding day we thought it would be a good idea to have some inside the Malmaison and some against the contrasting lanes around the area. We found some great spots on the pre wedding shoot. Here are a few of the images we created.

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Eleanor and Jamie Pre Wedding Shoot

Eleanor and Jamie are due to be married on the 1 June 2012, they have chosen the beautiful Glenskirlie House http://www.glenskirliehouse.com/AttheHouse.aspx as their venue and will be married in the quaint little church that Eleanor and her family have attended since she was a child. We went along to the locations to decide the positions we will use for photographs on the wedding day. Again we had another cracking day the weather was fab and the locations were adorable. Here are a few of our favourite shots.


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Lorna and Joe Pre Wedding Shoot

Lorna and Joe are due to be Married at the end of the month, so we went over to their wedding venue Colville Park in Motherwell to get some test shots done around the grounds. http://www.colvilleparkcountryclub.co.uk/site/ The couple have taken time to plan their wedding together and are now really looking forward to their big day.




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Lucy and Neil Pre Wedding Shoot

Lucy and Neil are due to be married in May 2012 at the beautiful Pollok House we went along to do last week to do their pre wedding shoot, and plan out all the pictures locations we want to use on the wedding day. It is going to be a hard task for them to pick just one image to go into their signing frame. Here are a few shots we loved best. http://www.nts.org.uk/Hire-a-venue/Pollok-House/


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Album Epoca Sample Pages

Check out our most recent album from Album Epoca. It's absolutely beautiful. This style of album was called Las Vegas, made for Sarah and Gary Gallacher. It has an acrylic image cover, matt pages and beautiful stone washed navy leather.

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Jennifer and Ross McIntyre

Jennifer was a stunning in her beautiful gown, it was so complimentary to her figure and Ross looked pretty handsome too. They planned their wedding meticulosly and everything was handmade by Jennifer. They even had funky little plant pots as their table plan.
They were married on the 11th March at the Western House Hotel http://www.westernhousehotel.co.uk/weddings It's a beautiful venue and really handy to have everything all in the one place, this gave us more time to shoot the images we wanted. Here is our favourite shots.



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Lynsey and David Wedding

Lynsey and David were married on the 31st March 2012, we previously planned to go to Kelvingrove Art Gallery for their pictures.  http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/our-museums/kelvingrove/visiting/Pages/home.aspx It turned out to be a beautiful day and we managed to shoot some gorgeous shots of the couple around the building, afterwards we went along to their venue the Piping Center and had more picture opportunities within the building before they were called for dinner and dancing. http://www.thepipingcentre.co.uk/wedding-events/weddings/ Here are a couple of our favourite pictures.


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