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“Rich is about love, elegance, beauty, passion, fashion, mystery, glamour, emotion and art. All these elements are building blocks for creating timeless images. Images that capture the essence of the moment through movement, energy and feeling



Wedding Exhibitions

We usually exhibit twice each year in February and September at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, but we just wanted to inform you this show has moved to Hampden. http://www.scotlandsweddingevent.co.uk/


We are also exhibiting again at the S.E.C.C on the 23rd and 24th of February. http://www.thescottishweddingshow.com/slide_feb_4

If you fancy coming to any of the shows to visit us we can provide you with complimentart tickets. Just ring Lisa on the mobile and we can arrange this for you. 07786077891

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Stacey and Iain Bernacchi

Stacey and Iain were married on the 3rd of November. They are a couple with very different ideas, and we think this has come across in the way we approached their wedding shoot. They have a love for different. The couple were married at St Aidans Church in Johnstone and they held their reception at the David Lloyd Centre in Renfrew. Although the couple picked traditional and local venues their stamp was definitely made all over the day. They have decided to have an album from a company in California called Wild Magnolia, and this is our next step, to create it for them. The albums are different because they are made from silk and cotton instead of the traditional leather or paper versions. https://wildmagnoliadesign.com Here are a few of our favourites.


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Oscar Beveridge

Oscar has been given the name of a future movie star for sure!! Fiona and Andrew are Oscar's mum and dad and they wanted shots of him to use on Christmas cards etc, he is a smashing wee character and has fantastic expressions and we think one day he will definitely grow up to be someone great. Here are a few of our favourite shots from their family portrait at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow.


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Jennifer and Jason

Jennifer and Jason were married on the 27th of October 2012, and yes it was freezing. We already knew we would be working against the weather and the light, but we managed to capture some amazing images of the couple between the two beautiful venues, the couple choose a church setting for their ceremony at Holy Family and St Ninnian in Kirkintilloch and Glenbervie House Hotel http://www.glenberviehousehotel.com/weddings/ for the reception. We also had the help of a company called Be....Eventful www.be-eventful.com Nikki was our contact there and she helped to create a vintage setting for the couples day within Gelnbervie. It was a really brilliant idea to ask them considering Jennifer and Jason actually live in England. Here are a few of our favourite shots.


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Nicola and Stephen Fitzpatrick

Nicola and Stephen were married on the 13th of October 2012 at Airth Castle. http://www.airthcastlehotel.com/weddings/ The day went so quickly and the vibe was very relaxed, most of the wedding party stayed the evening before making the morning run very smoothly. They had a really lovely humanist celebrant Peter MacDonald he made the ceremony really fun. The rings were passed around the room during the ceremony so that all the guests could wish them well before the couple exchanged rings, this was a really lovely touch. Nicola and Stephen also lit candles. Here are a couple of our favourites.


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Maggie and Kevin

Maggie and Kevin were married on the 12th of October 2012 at the Lodge on the Loch in Loch Lomond. http://www.loch-lomond.co.uk/weddings/ This is a really special place as we have said before, it has it's own climate. Rain was looming on the day but we managed to get all of our shots for the couple in time. Maggie also left from Cameron House in the morning and we captured some shots of her there first http://www.devere-hotels.co.uk/hotel-lodges/locations/cameron-house/weddings-events/introduction.html. Here are our favourite shots of the couple.


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Linda and Jimmy Hannay

Linda and Jimmy were married on the 20th October 2012. The venues were Hamilton Old Parish Church http://www.scotlandschurchestrust.org.uk/church/hamilton-old-parish-church and Glenskirlie in Kilsyth http://www.glenskirliehouse.com/WeddingsatGlenskirlie.aspx We had a great day shooting at the venues and catured loads of amazing shots. Here are our favourites.


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Jane and Martin Wedding

Jane and Martin were married on the 5th of October 2012 at The Blythswood Square Hotel. http://www.townhousecompany.com/blythswoodsquare/weddings/
They were a pretty unconventional couple, they didn't have traditional things like a wedding dress or even a modern style cake instead they have a love for old and vintage. Jane decided she would get married in a stunning Vivienne Westwood dress and killer heals and Martin had the most swish suit styled with purple socks. They didn't just have one cake they had six, filled with crazy taste tantalising ingredients like popping candy. Here are a couple of our favourites.


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We were recently asked along to the Good Food Show at the S.E.C.C to photograph Ajmal Mushtaq from Mushtaq's restaurant performing a live cook. Loads of people were interested in how to cook a really good mouthwatering spicy lamb chop and he showed them how. Here are a couple of our favourite shots from the shoot.


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Stacey and Iain Pre Wedding Shoot

Stacey and Iain are due to be married on the 3rd of November. They are a young couple with a unique outlook on their wedding. Their unconventional ideas led us to shooting the pre wedding images next to a telephone box, in a bus shelter and a swing park. Have a look at their ideas and why not take a different approach yourself. Stacey and Iain are holding their reception at the David Lloyd Centre in Renfrew and will be lucky enough to have their own private viewing of the fireworks taking place at the venue on the evening. http://www.davidlloyd.co.uk/home/clubs/glasgowrenfrew/facilities


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Jennifer and Jason Pre Wedding Shoot

Jennifer and Jason are due to be married on the 27th of October and as they live down south we have had to squeeze in their pre shoot when they were having their final visit. The couple will be getting married in the church which Jennifer attended as a child, so this will be really special to her and then they will move onto Glenbervie House Hotel for their reception. http://www.glenberviehousehotel.com/weddings/ The couple have let me know about fancy little extras they will be having during the day, one of which is an afternoon tea styled drinks reception. Here are a few favourite pictures from their shoot.


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Arlene and Paul Skinner

Arlene and Paul were married on the 20th of September 2012, a very rainy day. Luckily we had a good venue as a back up plan for our photographs. The couple held their wedding at Ingliston Country Club in Bishopton http://www.ingliston.com/Weddings.html they both have daughters from previous relationships who were their bridesmaids. The girls also had an especially good time on the day. Here are a few of our  favourites.

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