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“Rich is about love, elegance, beauty, passion, fashion, mystery, glamour, emotion and art. All these elements are building blocks for creating timeless images. Images that capture the essence of the moment through movement, energy and feeling




RICHpictures are exhibiting at various forth coming wedding fairs in the coming months, so if you are getting organised for your wedding in 2014/2015 why not get your hands on our special offer. They are available only to the visitors of the wedding fairs at a first come first serve basis. We have 10 to offer so why not try and save yourself some £££. 

The dates for the shows are:

24th-25th August @ Hampden Stadium. http://scotlandsweddingevent.co.uk

31st-1st of September @ The Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh.http://www.edinburghweddingexhibition.co.uk

7th-8th September Loch Lomond Shores. http://www.lochlomondweddingexhibition.co.uk

5th-6th of October @ S.E.C.C in Glasgow. http://www.thescottishweddingshow.com

23rd-24th November Marriott Hotel Glasgow. http://www.dreamweddingscotland.com 

Our special offer:

10% off any package when booked through the various shows. 

As us for a rate card and discover the savings.



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Mix it up

Mixed culture or religion is never easy, or the fact that traditions or the lack of them can cause rifts between families. Recently we photographed a mixed culture and religion marriage of Iman and Barry. The couple were so gorgeous together and we russled up a bit of interest on their shoot, as we walked down Byres Road in the West End. They had an intimate celebration with their closest family and friends at their venue The Hilton Grovenor Glasgow. Two cultures mixed together with delight at Iman and Barry's colourful celebration.

Iman and Barry 0039

The Do and Don't list seems to be endless. When really you should DO WHAT YOU WANT!
There are always people telling you how it should be done. On one occasion a couple told us that they had ditched the big party for a smaller more intimate celebration with only a handful of guests, due to the fact they were so dissappointed with the response from their family. They were told, you need to invite this one and that one. So they decided "no thanks".
A wedding is a celebration afterall and we all know how to party, but really all that matters in the end is that the couple are in love and happy, and at the end of the wedding day ready to spend the rest of their lives together. No matter what age, race, religion or any other enabling factor, people are drawn together through LOVE and it shouldn't matter the size of the party or kind of ceremony you need to have to unite.

Iman and Barry 0067

Iman and Barry 0074


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Photo Station Fun

Your ideas are are really important to us. Karen and David asked us if we could do photobooth style images for their guests in the evening of their wedding and we arranged it for them at a fraction of the cost. We collected in lots of props before their big day and created the photobooth look by cropping the images tight and dressing the groups as silly as possible, pulling crazy faces was also an option and as you can see adds to the fun idea. The couple had previously looked into the idea after seeing the photobooths at wedding fairs.

Katie and Michael Ohagan wedding 19Apr2013 0111

Karen and David Tolan Wedding 19Apr2013 1201Our photo station offer:

The package we offered was 120 6x4" prints. Printed out on site for the guests to take away as a reminder of the great fun day they had. We slotted it in around the evening dancing and the guests really enjoyed the dress up clothes. This option is really affordable through RICHpictures as we do not have the set up costs of the booth style structure. Why not consider this as an extra for your wedding and give us a ring for a quote.

To top off their day Karen and David also went away with some stunning images for their wedding album. The Alona Hotel offers great views beside the lake and the original setting of the merry-go-round. Have a look at a few stunning shots below.


Karen and David Tolan Wedding 19Apr2013 0616

Karen and David Tolan Wedding 19Apr2013 0843

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Rock n Roll @ Heart

Choosing a style is really hard, when you want it all and you don't know how to choose. The best thing to do is discuss it with your photographer, they can make it happen for you. Vanessa and Duncan like their rock chic, but they are getting married on the 1st of June at Sherbroke Castle. They wanted to combine their rocker style with the beautiful setting of the Castle, so thankfully at Richpictures we listen to our clients and discuss how we can make this happen for them.

Vanessa and Duncan pre wed 15May2013 0261

We discussed:

What was more important? Either staying at venue after ceremony, (meaning we have time on our side) or moving onto a separate location so seek out the combination of shots they required? (meaning we may be rushed).

The decision:

The couple choose to stay at the venue, because they have confirmation of gaining beautiful images. They wanted to combine this with their own personal style, so we suggested shoot the pre wedding shoot half at the venue and half at separate locations, using graffitti as backdrops, creating images in a more serious rock style. On the day the couple will execute poses in a romantic and rock style around their venue.


Vanessa and Duncan pre wed 15May2013 0114

Vanessa and Duncan pre wed 15May2013 0209

Vanessa and Duncan pre wed 15May2013 0167

Vanessa and Duncan pre wed 15May2013 0266




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Practice makes perfect for Siobhan and Grant

Is a pre wedding shoot for you? Well the RICHpictures ethic is practice makes perfect. Posing generally never comes easy to us and most people dislike having their picture taken. Here at RICHpictures we believe you should do the essential test shots prior to your big day. Siobhan and Grant did at their venue Mar Hall.

Siobhan and Grant Mar Hall Pre Wedding
They learned:

The best ways to stand

How they look

What styles they suit best

We show them:

Poses styled to their surroundings

Art images manipulated with filters

Close ups, half body shots and full lengths

Now on their wedding day the pressure is off and they can relax. They know they can trust their photographer because we discuss the images and their likes and dislikes from the pre wedding shoot. Basically they are now pros. We will be shooting their wedding at Mar Hall on the 17th May. Now all that is left to do is get very excited.



Siobhan and Grant Mar Hall Pre wedding Shoot

Siobhan and Grant Mar Hall Pre wedding Shoot

Siobhan and Grant Mar Hall Pre wedding Shoot


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Vintage Style by Lesley and Stephen Loughlin

This is VINTAGE with a green twist. This couple lead the way when it comes to styling your wedding. They really knew what they wanted when it came to creating a look. We believe they must have sat down and discussed exactly what was the most important bits to a wedding day was. Their style is unmistakably vintage.


What is important to you?

Would it be:

Hassle free atire (no unwanted wet and windy clothing)

No dirty train

Lightweight flowers

Photogenic venue

Amazing food

Lesley and Stephen were married on the 16th March 2013. The important bits for them was all of the above. Lesley didn't have to worry about her dress being dirty or wet from the rain because she didn't have a train or a veil instead she had a vintage styled dress and a bird cage head piece, her flowers were as light as a feather, so no moaning over the bouquet being too heavy, their venue created amazing commercial styled images, and their food was from one of the best restaurants in Glasgow. They had their reception in The Restaurant Bar and Grill in Princes Square.








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Laura and Logan Pre Wedding Shoot

Laura and Logan are due to marry on the 14th of April 2013 at Mar Hall. http://www.marhall.com/weddings.aspx We went over to the venue for their pre wedding shoot and ran through some really nice poses for the actual day. Due to the snow and bad weather we were not sure if we would manage to get outside, but we braved it and managed to capture some really great shots. The couple used to live in Spain and I bet they are wishing they could have brought the sun with them for the big day. Having said that the snow has made for some really dramatic shots. Here are a few of our favourite shots. 


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Katie and Michael Pre wedding Shoot

Katie and Michael are getting married on the 27th of April 2013. We shot their pre wedding test shots at Balloch Park because the couple are getting married at Boturich Castle. The Castle sits with great views of the loch it is a really picturesque place, a hidden gem. The couple have great little treats for their guests including mini highland games on the lawn, drinks and canapes. Here are a few great shots from their pre shoot.


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Little White Wedding Events

We are exhibiting next at THE TRADES HALL OF GLASGOW http://www.tradeshallglasgow.co.uk/ hosted by LITTLE WHITE WEDDING EVENTS if you missed the last two big shows at the S.E.C.C and Hampden and a smaller exhibition is maybe more your style then we will be there with lots of sample ablums and images for you to look at. Below is a shot of the outside of the venue to jog your memory and a note from LWWE...


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Rich Pictures Video

RPLMedia have kindly created a business video of Lisa shooting a wedding.


Have a look and get in touch.

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Lesley and Stephen Pre Wedding Shoot

Lesley and Stephen are due to marry on the 16th of March 2013 at Our Lady & St George Church then onto The Restaurant Bar and Grill in Princes Square. Their venue is really unusual as the restaurant are having to close to the public for the day, so we decided to take full advantage of this fact and try and utilise the restaurant and the beautiful surroundings in Princes Square for their pre shoot. Here are a few of our favourites. There are a few more on our face book page too. Here is a link to the page and album RICHpictures's album


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Lovley shots from 2012

Here are a selection of some of our favourite shots from 2012, some are traditional, some quirky, but hopefully styles to appeal to each individual.


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