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Up the Loch

One bad thing about being a wedding photographer is that you spend a lot of time willing the bad weather away. "Rain Rain go to Spain..." Is often a phrase said in the hope of having fabulous weather. Ideally not too sunny, not too windy, not raining, and a little cloudy would be the perfect recipe. The night before a wedding you can generally get a clue from the forecast what the weather will be, but Loch Lomond seems to be the exception!
katie and michael 0250


There is something extremely special about Loch Lomond, it seems to have it's own forecast, no matter what we have been told on the news forecast or the internet the weather was devine last year in 2013. It seems to wrap us up in it's own little special cocoon of awsomeness.
Throughout 2013 we have shot weddings and pre wedding shoots at various locations around the Loch. Some of which are: The Cruin, Logde on Loch Lomond, Boturich Castle, and Cameron House, not once in all the times visiting here have we had rain. Each time we have had the perfect recipe. Here are a few shots from the locations we have mentioned.

Katie and Michael pre shoot 09Mar2013 0424

Claire and Ryan Mullen 13Apr2013 0744

Pamela and Colin Nelson 12Jul2013 3132

katie and michael 0086

Sarah and Pete pre wedding 09Jun2013 0308

Claire and Ryan Mullen 13Apr2013 0723

Sarah and Pete Klemen 10JULY2013 415

Sarah and Pete Klemen 10JULY2013 437

Pamela and Colin Nelson 12Jul2013 3056

Pamela and Colin Pre wed 09JUNE2013 0067

Pamela and Colin Nelson 12Jul2013 2875

Claire and Ryan Mullen 13Apr2013 0523

Laura and Alan Kennedy 06Aug2013 0179

katie and michael 0126LAURA AND ALAN KENNEDY WEDDING 1935 


The Cruin


Cameron House 


Boturich Castle


Lodge on Loch Lomond


A few other locations we love near by are Buchanan Arms, http://www.buchananarms.co.uk/loch-lomond-weddings

The Loch Lomond Arms, http://lochlomondarmshotel.com/loch-lomond-weddings-in-beautiful-luss

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